Did you know a poor health inspection rating can translate into a serious downturn in business, whereas a clean rating can increase revenue? JSL services allow you to keep your restaurant clean and sanitary, so you can focus on your core business. From the front to the back of the house, JSLdelivers a wide range of solutions for a clean, safe, and secure restaurant.

Perhaps no type of cleaning is as physically challenging and crucial to a business’s success than the cleaning and sanitation of a restaurant’s kitchen. Health-code law violations are possible if the highest standards aren’t met. Poor sanitation could get customers seriously ill or employees could be seriously injured.

Lower the risk of making these crucial mistakes by making JSL your single-source provider of kitchen cleaning services, supplies, and chemicals.

First impressions are huge and cleanliness tops the reasons patrons would never eat at a restaurant again. It’s important to ensure that carpets, tables, windows, blinds, and fans are all cleaned on a consistent basis. In most cases, it’s inefficient for restaurant employees to take on cleaning duties. Hiring trained professionals can save time and money without burdening employees with more responsibilities. This allows employees to focus on the most important aspect of your restaurant: the customers.

Why Choose JSL?

We provide professional cleaning services for residential homes, commercial properties, and small businesses.

Is there something special you like…or maybe something you don’t like? We customize our cleaning services to fit your specific needs and desires.

We will clean as frequently or infrequently as you need or desire…We provide the cleaning supplies, but if you have preferences…Just let us know